What to Bring

A personal water bottle. Water will be available to you on campus as well, but we suggest having your own personal water bottle with you if you plan to stay hydrated.

Sack Lunch. Each of you should bring a lunch with you that you can carry with you. We do not have the refrigerator space for everyone to keep their lunches in the kitchen, so we ask that you each bring a lunch that is properly labeled and stored with your belongings.

Lunch Drop-Off Option. Parents, if you are planning on dropping off a lunch for campers, those may be dropped off at the Student Check-In located just inside the east entrance by 11:30 AM each day. We will have post-its for you to attach a name label.

Paper/Pen. I probably should not need to put this on a list but there’s always that one literal person who will only bring what I add to this list. Soooo…YES, bring a pen! Also put paper in your bag so that your pen has a friend and in case you’d like to take good notes. You can store your pen and paper along with your lunch in your…

Backpack. It’s just nice to have a backpack so your personal water bottle, pen, paper, and notebook are not sliding all over the floor.

HOMEWORK. Remember to bring your homework! Ok, for real, have you done it? Now is your window to do that panic thing and get your work done!

Supplies to Bring to Debate Camps

  • Note-taking supplies (repeating, just in case!)
  • Digital timer (like this)
  • 8.5 x 14 legal pad
  • Post-it notes
  • Small notepad
  • Post-it flags
  • Laptop or phone for researching activities during camp