Speech Camp Instructors

Senior Camp Instructors

Ellen Alcazar

Ellen Alcazar has served as a speech coach, tournament director, and board member with Invictus Fides Speech and Debate Club. Her undergraduate work is in the area of sociology and psychology with an emphasis in early childhood language acquisition. She has a masters in elementary education and taught junior high language arts and mathematics in both a gang environment and within a specialized school serving the entire range of disabilities in fully integrated classrooms. What she enjoyed most was leading the new teacher mentor program, a program designed to help teachers understand the relational dynamics between instructors and the families they serve. She also taught conflict resolution and effective classroom management.

She is wife to Carlos Alcazar who makes her laugh. Every. Single. Day.
She is mother to Joseph, David, Grace, and Jane who make her proud. Every. Single. Day.

Allison Dixon

Allison Dixon has been the Invictus Fides Platform coach for three years and currently serves as a board member. Although her undergraduate degree is in chemical engineering, she has spent most of her time engineering the character of her seven children and fine-tuning the chemistry of her family's dynamics. She has weathered the adventure and hardships of being a military wife for the last 22 years, which means she has a Master’s Degree in Adaptability and a PhD in Decoding Acronyms. She has moved 10 times in the last 22 years but plans to make her final home in the DFW area.

Before joining Invictus Fides, Allison had exactly zero experience in teaching speech and debate. However, military lifestyle has taught her to adapt and overcome and she has enjoyed learning the ins-and-outs of platform speaking alongside the students. She has discovered every student has a story to tell and considers it a privilege to walk alongside students as they not only write and deliver those stories but grow in wisdom and character.

Josephine Oliver

Josephine is a Stoa Alumnus and recent college graduate from Regent University. She studied interpretive and platform speeches with Stoa for five years, competed at the National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC) three separate times, and placed 4th at NITOC with her duo partner in her final year with Stoa. Josephine learned a lot from her five short years in Stoa and is excited to give back to the Stoa community.

Stephanie Oliver

Stephanie Oliver earned her bachelor's degree from Hillsdale College. She is a child of God, proud American, wife of a computer genius and mother of four children. Stephanie is a self-proclaimed foodie, with an eye for presentation, color, taste, and elegance. She is no stranger to professional presentations, having spent over 20 years dancing and performing in a professional circuit, 15 years as a professional cake decorator, and more than 10 years working in a fashion clothing store. Stephanie and her family joined Stoa in 2011, where they have learned and developed a love for interpretation. She now coaches for Invictus Fides. She currently lives in McKinney, TX.

Junior Camp Instructor

Gabriell Church

Gabriell is a Stoa Alumnus who competed for six years. She is currently working on her degree in Biblical Theology with a minor in Education at Liberty University. She has learned many speech skills over the years and wants to give back to the younger generation. Gabriell has a deep passion for kids and a desire to teach others. She served as the co-coach for junior debate for three years and is beginning her second year as the junior head coach at Invictus Fides.

In addition, Gabriell taught at her local church for three years. She passed the gold level training course to deepen her understanding of teaching and child behaviors to manage the classroom better. She is always working on making learning fun and exciting during every class. Gabriell is a firm believer in giving the younger generation a place to learn and grow while shaping their speaking skills. She is very passionate about the children she interacts with and wants to ensure they have the best learning experience.