Speech Camp for Ages 12-18 — August 1–2, 2022

Interested in speech? From selecting topics, crafting speeches, and refining delivery, our speech instructors know how to train students to discover their voices and engage the listener in a dynamic way. Whether you are experienced or brand new to speech, we have something for you!

Track 1:

For first or second-year students in Stoa speech events.

Track 2:

For third-year students in any of the Stoa speech events. Students do not need to have previous experience in a particular event.

Stoa Speech Events:

There are currently 12 different speech events in which you can compete within Stoa, our national speech and debate league. For a detailed description of the individual speech events, please go to Stoa Speech Events. These events fall under the following four main categories:

Interpretive Speeches
In all interpretive events, competitors write, or select and analyze literature, then bring it to life through the creative use of voice, movement, and facial expression, without the aid of costumes or props. Interp events include Duo, Humorous, Open, and Dramatic Interpretation.

Limited Preparation Speeches
Competitors get a limited time to prepare for a speech on a topic that is given to them at the speech event. Prep time varies depending on the specific event. Events in this category include Apologetics, Extemporaneous, Impromptu, and Mars Hill.

Platform Speeches
These are prepared speeches, written by the competitor, with the purpose of informing, exposing, or persuading on a topic. Platform events include Expository Speaking, Original Oratory, and Persuasive.

Wild Card Speeches
These are new and unique speech events offered on a two-year rotation and are meant to challenge competitors in their preparation and presentation skills. The 2022–2023 Wild Card speech event is Interp in a Box. More details coming soon!

Please see Speech Camp Instructors to learn about our experienced coaches.