Lincoln Douglas Debate Camp — July 29-31, 2019

Lincoln Douglas is value debate. A Lincoln Douglas Debate examines competing value systems to answer big questions. The purpose of Lincoln Douglas Value Debate is to instill in Christian homeschool students the skills of presentation, critical thinking, research, and value analysis. An LD Debate Round consists of a one-on-one debate; the Affirmative competitor versus the Negative competitor.

Interested in Lincoln Douglas Debate? Please join us Monday-Wednesday, July 29th-31st, for excellent instruction from experienced coaches. Never competed in LD Debate before? We offer training for both brand new and advanced debaters ages 12-18.

The 2019-2020 Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Resolution

Culture ought to value assimilation over multiculturalism.

Topics Planned for Each Day

Day 1 - Distinct Novice and Advanced Debater Sessions:
Overview of Lincoln Douglas Value Debate
Skills Coaching and Drills on Big Picture Mindset, Rediscovering Values, Real Rhetoric, Effective Cross-Examination, and More!!!
Principled Approach to Case Building
Day 2 - Resolution Immersion:
What is Culture?
Ins and Outs of Assimilation
History of Multiculturalism
Sample Cases
Day 3:
Novice and Advanced Practice Rounds

Please see Lincoln Douglas Instructors to learn about our highly qualified coaches.