Debate Camp Instructors

Camp Director:

Heather Souders

Heather is the director for both the Team Policy/Lincoln Douglas and Parliamentary Debate Camps. She is entering her fourth year as a speech and debate mom and second year as a debate coach with Invictus Fides. Heather is thankful her family is a part of speech and debate because of how it challenges students to do hard things and learn important skills that will benefit them life-long, all while having fun! It also provides parents the opportunity to learn alongside their children and to meet amazing families from across the United States.

Heather has 5 kids (two happen to be rescue pups) and 2 grand kitties. In her spare time, you may find her sitting on her back porch drinking coffee from her favorite mug, dreaming of a project for her garden, or enjoying the dog park, which she feels is the real “Happiest Place on Earth.” She and her husband, David, who you will almost always see wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, have been married for 19 years and are proud Texans!

Team Policy and Parliamentary Debate Lead Instructors:

David Alcazar

David has been competing in speech and debate for six years, participating in all forms of speech as well as Parliamentary and Team Policy Debate. His love for competition and drive to succeed, coupled with his strong desire for others to succeed, has marked his tenure in the sport. This past year, David served his club as Team Policy Captain. He enjoyed this role as it afforded him the opportunity to teach and train younger debaters.

David is a firm believer the sport of debate offers many personal benefits including the value of building friendships across a wide range of age and demographics, the importance of admitting failure and apologizing when wrong, and the concrete connection between hard work and success. He hopes to pass on a passion for speech and debate to those who are advancing up the ranks within Stoa. David has quit his taco job in order to spend time coaching students in debate while working toward his career in film and television.

Owen Dixon

When not found re-reading the Lord of the Rings or folding origami dragons, Owen can often be found on a Parli prep phone call. With 6 years of Team Policy experience and 5 years of Parli, debate is one of his favorite pastimes (especially debate theory... yeah, he's a nerd). Owen believes that the true value in debate comes from learning to think critically and teaching younger students the art.

At NITOC 2021, he and his partner David (see above!) made Stoa history as the first team to take first place in both Team Policy and Parliamentary Debate.

His other interests include studying STEM subjects, playing piano, folding technical origami, and eating as many of his sister's chocolate cookies as possible.

Lincoln Douglas Debate Lead Instructor:

Elaine Csoros

Elaine was a Stoa competitor for 6 years, participating in all forms of debate and 9 of the 11 speech events. After graduating, she helped instruct other debate competitors and judged local tournaments while finishing college online. During this time, she was a legislative intern for a statewide homeschool organization where she got to apply all that she learned in Stoa to help advocate for education freedoms.

She recently graduated from Liberty University with a B.S. in Business Administration and plans to attend Union University this fall for her M.B.A. In the upcoming years, Elaine hopes to help Stoa competitors grow in their confidence and communication skills so that they, too, can enjoy forensic competition.